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JAB11, spring 1999, 32 pages, printed on the Solna at Center for Editions, SUNY Purchase, NY by BF.
JAB11 cover designed by BF.


Table of Contents

• Interview with Betsy Davids, 1998
—Johanna Drucker

• Creative Meaning-making: Reading the Bookworks of Lise Melhorn-Boe
—Tara Hyland

—Christian Bök

• Books Reviewed: Dave Hornor, Joan Lyons, Keith Smith, & Scott McCarney

• Anton Würth
—a profile by JAB

Artist / Author: Contemporary Artists’ Books
—reviewed by Brad Freeman

• Contemporary Russian Artists’ Books
—Mikhail Karasik

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BF, JAB11 cover, 1999


Keith Smith

Book 184, 1998


Interview with Betsy Davids


Betsy.7.70s show.jpg

Betsy Davids at the “70s Show”
SF Center for the Book, 1998



Christian Bök, (Book)2, 1999

Scott_Far Horizons.jpg

Scott McCarney

Far Horizons, 1998

Bad Girls Good.jpg
Colour Me Dutiful.jpg

Lise Melhorn-Boe, Bad Girls Good, 1995

Lise Melhorn-Boe, Colour Me Dutiful 1986

Würth.20.Mai–4.Oktober 1998.jpg

Anton Würth, 20.Mai–4.Oktober, 1998

JAB12, fall 1999, 32 pages, printed on the Solna at Center for Editions, SUNY Purchase, NY by BF.
JAB12 cover designed by BF and Chris George

JAB12 is entirely dedicated to the exhibition “Experimental Narrative and Artists’ Books,” Foster Hall Gallery, School of Art, Louisiana State University, September 5, 1999 through September 30, 1999.

JAB12 is the exhibition catalogue and contains statements by the artists whose work is featured in the exhibition and catalogue:

Bill Burke

François Deschamps

Helen Douglas

Johanna Drucker

Brad Freeman

Ruth Laxson

Clifton Meador

Judith Mohns

Bea Nettles

Gary Richman

Clarissa Sligh

Telfer Stokes

Philip Zimmermann

Janet Zweig.
Brad Freeman and Johanna Drucker collaborated on the exhibition and the catalogue. Leslie Koptcho of the School of Art, LSU, and Elaine Smyth in the Library of LSU assisted in the exhibition.

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 Chris George & BF

JAB12 cover,1999


JAB12 page 16-17

Sligh d_j 2sm.jpg

Clarissa Sligh,

Reading Dick and Jane with Me, 1989

Dark_Bat Elf.jpg

Johanna Drucker,

Dark,The Bat-Elf, 1972


Dennis Wheatley, Malinsay Massacre, 1939


Clarissa Sligh, What’s Happening with Momma?, 1988


Janet Zweig, Heinz and Judy, 1985


Bill Burke, Mine Fields, 1995


Clifton Meador, Long Slow March, 1996


JD + BF, Djerassi, 1998


JAB13, spring 2000, 32 pages, printed on the Heidelberg KORD offset press at Nexus Press, Atlanta by BF.


Table of Contents

• Notes from the Publisher & The Atlanta Book Prize
—Brad Freeman

• Presenting Gabriel Pomerand’s Saint ghetto des prêts
—M. Kasper

• a review of the book Falling Into by Leslie Koptcho, Rodney Mills & Ray Gonzales
—Johanna Drucker

• In the Space of Blurred Boundaries
—Karen Wirth

• a review of the book A Secret Location on the Lower East Side
—Gary Sullivan

• Artist’s Statement
—Sherry Lane

• Artist’s Pages
—Chris George

• Artist’s Pages
—Paul Rutkovsky

• Book Arts on the Web
—Julia Flanders

• Conference Review: Book Arts 2000 and Beyond
—Richard Zauft

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photo–Paulo Silveira,Porto Alegre, Brazil

design & printing–BF

JAB13 cover

JAB13_Secret Location.jpg

 A Secret Location on the Lower East Side

review by Gary Sullivan


Heidelberg KORD offset press

Nexus Press, Atlanta, 2000



Gabriel Pomerand, Saint ghetto des prêts, p. 36-37
review by M. Kasper

JAB13_Chris George_spread copy.jpg

Chris George, artist page spread, JAB13


JAB14, fall 2000, 32 pages, printed on the Heidelberg at Nexus Press, Atlanta by BF.
Cover designed by Sean Biondolillo.


Table of Contents

• Artist’s Pages
—Andrea Goldman

• Topics in the History of Artists’ Books: Tristram Shandy’s Original Marbled page
—Karen Schiff

• Conversations with Miranda Maher
—Sue O’Donnell

• Riding First Class on the Titanic!
A Book by Nathan Lyons
—reviewed by Brad Freeman

• Artist’s Statement
—Matt Liddle

—Christian Bök

• Artists’ Books at the Brooklyn Museum of Art
—Lois Martin

• Don’t Judge a Book By Its’ Cover:
The Logic of Lisa Hart’s “Book Art”
—Diana McClintock

• Books Received

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Sean Biondolillo

JAB14 cover

Shandy marble spread.jpg

Tristram Shandy’s Original Marbled Page
Laurence Sterne

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, 1759-1767
review by Karen Schiff



Miranda Maher


Matt Liddle,

Critical Masses, 1997


Christian Bök_VALUVEULA.jpg

Nathan Lyons

Riding 1st CLASS ON THE TITANIC, 1999

Ipso Facto Oracle Box.jpg

Matt Liddle,

Ipso Facto Oracle Box, 1997


Christian Bök

Valuvëla, 1999



Lisa Hart

Ephemeral / Longing, 1999


An elegant tribute to Tony Zwicker (1925 - 2000)

Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn

Coracle, Tipperary, Ireland

letterpress, 2000



JAB15, spring 2001, 32 pages, printed on the Heidelberg at Nexus Press, Atlanta by BF.
Cover designed by Karen Tauches.

JAB15 is the catalogue for the exhibition Book Unbounds, curated by Cathy Byrd and held at the Dalton Gallery, the McCain library and the Bradley Observatory on the campus of Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Georgia, January 15, 2001 to March 30, 2001.

“The premise of Book Unbound, an exhibition that leaps through time—from early book forms to hypertext, is innately problematic. For what is a book without its binding? In fact, the book’s meaning and shape have evolved, and some artists and writers have contemporized or discarded its traditional framework. In response, concerns have been raised about the book’s loss of integrity and imminent demise. This show investigates the mediums transmutations, proving that thoughtful hybridization has only intensified the potent aesthetic of books.”    —Cathy Byrd, curator


The Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry, Marvin and Ruth Sackner
Ruth Laxson
Emily McVarish
David Horton
Berwyn Hung
Miranda Maher
Tom Williams
Michele Shauf
Nexus Press
The Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking
David Laufer
Mark Amerika
Stephanie Ognar
Guilford College
Marcia Cohen
Atlanta College of Art Library Artists’ Book Collection
Byron Clercx
Charles Hobson
Felicia Rice, Enrique Chagoya, Guillermo Gómez-Peña—Codex Espangliensis
Geoffrey Hendricks
Carol Barton
Anne Beidler
Tennessee Rice Dixon
Johanna Drucker and Brad Freeman

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Emily McVarish

Lives and Property, 1997


Charles Hobson

Tower, 1999


JAB15 cover
designed by Karen Tauches society 3.jpg

Tom Phillips

Café Society, 1994

altered book


Dieter Roth,

Gesammelte Werke, band 7, 1974


Edward Ruscha,

Every Building on The Sunset Strip, 1966


Felicia Rice, Enrique Chagoya, Guillermo Gómez-Peña

Codex Espangliensis, 1998


Carol Barton

Instructions for Assembly, 1993


Anne Beidler

The Poppy Book, 1988


Byron Clercx

Illuminations (after Walter Benjamin, 1998


Geoffrey Hendricks

Quadrant / A meditation on Tycho Brahe, 1994

Ognar.Flip Books.jpg

Stephanie Ognar

One of twelve flip books, n.d.

bath, bed, berry, coat, flash, glance, kiss, smoke, spit, stare, wink, yawn

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