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The JAB Anthology:
Selections from the Journal of Artists’ Books 1994-2020

The University of Iowa Press published

The JAB Anthology: Selections from the Journal of Artists’ Books 1994-2020.

Below is the list of essays.

Artists’ Books / Book-like Objects – Brad Freeman (JAB1)

 Critical Necessities – Johanna Drucker (JAB4)

A Mass Produced Product of High Order – Anne Moeglin-Delcroix (JAB4)

Interview with Joan Lyons – Brad Freeman (JAB4)

Feminism and the Book Arts at the Woman’s Building, Los Angeles – Alisa Scudamore (JAB7)

Ars Combinatoria and the Book – Janet Zweig (JAB8)

A Centering of Sorts: The Evolving Idea of Minnesota Center for Book Arts – Mary Jo Pauly (JAB20)


Between Viewing and Reading–Ward Tietz (JAB21)

Le livre d'artiste et son articulation à la pratique contemporaine, de 1980 à nos jours The Artist Book & Its Relationship to Contemporary Practices

– Océane Delleaux; translated by Skye Enyeart-Rust (JAB28)

Shifting Artist Book Distribution Models – Brandon Graham (JAB28)

Criticism and the Artist Book – Paulo Silveira (JAB29)

 Ulises Carrión: Other Books and So– Gerrit Jan de Rook (JAB30)

Portuguese Comics and Artists' Books– Pedro Moura (JAB32)

Artists' Books Not Found: An Absence in Portuguese Art Theory But Not in Portuguese Art Practice

Catarina Figueiredo Cardoso and Isabel Baraona (JAB32)

Wire Dancers – Philip Cabau (JAB35)

Books and Conflict: Witnessing Reality and Representation – Levi Sherman (JAB36)

Publishing Art – Jérôme Dupeyrat (JAB37)

The Gift, the Network, and Reciprocity in Artist's Books – Leszek Brogowski (JAB37)

Coming to Our Senses with a Modern Mythic Form: Postliteracy in Artistsbooks – Lyn Ashby (JAB39)

The Haptic and the Emerging Critical Discourse on Artists Books – Tim Mosely (JAB39)

The Knowing of Artists' Books – Monica Carroll and Adam Dickerson (JAB43)

Call and Response: Teaching Artists' Books at the Joan Flasch Artists' Books Collection at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Doro Boehme and April Sheridan (JAB45)

The Smell of Books: Freud’s Gardenia and Other Ephemeral Scents – Debra Riley Parr (JAB47/48)

JAB 47/48: Farewell – Brad Freeman

On Reflection and Retrospect: The Journal of Artists’ Books, 1994-2020 – Johanna Drucker JAB47/48

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